What should make you purchase a 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Your new SUV could be a 2020 Mitsubishi, which is compact, and you will get it at a new RAM truck for sale. It will make you travel in more exciting yet not a minivan and not a large SUV. The following are some of the reasons why this vehicle should be your vehicle of choice.

Peppy Turbocharged engine

One of the critical rules that have to be added to the compact crossover SUV guidelines is its engine performance. As per its size, the vehicle has a peppy comparative engine in helping the adventures in urban drives across the metropolitan terrains, which are severe. When such a rule is added, they have to provide the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse cross over.

All the trims come with the same engine. Its 1.5-liter turbocharged powertrain, four cylinders with the valve timing electronic of the Mitsubishi innovative control system – MIVEC, their version of variables valve timing VVT. It doesn’t really matter the name. It is a component that helps maintain the same amount of closed and open valves, thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

Overall, the engine tends to produce a maximum horsepower of about 152 and 184-pound-feet of torque. The eclipse cross is tied to an eight-speed transmission shifts smoothly during the acceleration of gears.

There is an option of all-wheel control

Though it is not available as a standard option, all Mitsubishi eclipse cross trims have the AWC- all-wheel control as its option. It is the term the company uses instead of the 4WD – four-wheel drive. Though it will cost more, it might be a good choice for buyers who plan to take the SUV off-road at a particular point.

Lower base price

Their prices are reasonable because they tend to be SUV at an affordable price. The 2020 Eclipse cross Mitsubishi offers the enticement to its consumers so that they can be able to move from what used to be their favorite before.

Among the four trims, the SE is the least expensive one. Its starting price is very low for the FWD and the 4WD. The top trim is the SEL, between $2,000 and about $3,000 and higher depending on the drivetrain type. For the consumers, such as differences between prices, which might mean a shift to the upper trim.

A good fuel economy for its category.

On average, the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse cross is either above or on par in its fuel efficiency. The FWD mode gets about 26 mpg in the city and 29 on the highway. When you buy the 4WD the miles overall per gallon can go down in one mile or two. You need to celebrate something as customers will not feel they are getting cheated when it comes to efficiency if they happen to go with the AWC. The choice is yours, and with that comes the advantages that it brings.

The comfortable and handsome interior

For a SUV crossover with a low base price, the Eclipse Cross 2020 Mitsubishi does an excellent interior design job. It has a pleasant feel, which is not too rugged.

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