Top 5 Affordable Second Hand Scooties in Bangalore

In this fast-paced life of Bangalore, it is important to reach on time, not miss the routine official meetings and stay abreast with the developments. To quench the needs, arranging a means of transportation is the right choice. However, due to budget constraints you are apprehensive to buy your favorite automobile model, then switching for second hand scooty in Bangalore is the option!

The market is poured with an assemblage of options in the market. Choosing from the lot might be a strenuous task. With much research and analysis, this article has got you all covered with the top 5 second hand scooty in Bangalore.

Best Refurbished Scooties at Economical Rate in Bangalore

Listed below are the top 5 second hand scooty in Bangalore within the price range of INR 25000 to INR 50000. Take a look.

1.    TVS Jupiter

Approximate price: INR 47,000

Distance covered: 70180 KM Driven

This 2017 bike model has been accepted by many pan-India. It is installed with a BSIV 109.7cc engine air-cooled 4-stroke single cylinder. This model gives an impeccable mileage of 50 kmpl to 55 kmpl. The maximum power and torque this model can bear is 7.88bhp at 7,500rpm and 8Nm at 5,500rpm respectively.

2.    Honda Activa 3G

Approximate price: INR 46,000

Distance covered: 33973 KM Driven

The 2016 model has received many accolades in the automobile sector and has been rated as the best second hand scooty in Bangalore. The SI engine is installed with a 109cc powered air-cooled, 4-stroke. This model runs at an escalated power of 8bhp at 7500 rpm with the maximum torque of 8.83Nm at 5500 rpm.

3.    Honda Activa 4G

Approximate price: INR 46,000

Distance covered: 43896 KM Driven

A constituent model of Honda Activa 3G, this 2017 model comes with a displacement of 109.1 ccm 6.66 cubic inches. This model carries a one-cylinder, four-stroke engine type. With a power range of 8.0 HP, 5.8 kW at 7500 rpm, it supports the maximum torque of 8.7 Nm (0.9 kgf-m/ 6.4 ft.lbs) at 5500 rpm. The highest speed witnessed is 83.0 km per hour. The model is installed with a cooling system, an automated gearbox, and a Carburettor fuel system.

4.    Suzuki Access 125

Approximate price: INR 25,000

Distance covered: 21558 KM Driven

The 2016 model is yet again a masterpiece adopted by many in the Indian market. Backed with an engine of 124cc, it offers a satisfactory mileage of 52.45 kmpl. BS6 is the preferable type of emission here. While the kerb weight is 103 kg. The maximum power range is 8.7 bhp and the maximum torque is 10 Nm at 5500 rpm. Again a 4- stroke single-cylinder engine with air cooling provision.

5.    TVS Scooty Streak

Approximate price: INR 28,000

Distance covered: 26396 KM Driven

The two-wheeler 2019 latest model has been the first choice for beginners due to its featherweight body. It is attached with an engine of 87.8 cc with displacement available. The maximum power driven by this model is 4.93 Bhp at 6500 rpm while the maximum torque is 5.8 Nm @ 4000 rpm. With a single cylinder and automated gears arrangement, it offers a ground clearance of 135 mm. It can handle a kerb weight of 96 kg and is capable of holding 4.7 liters of fuel.

The Final Verdict

The automobile models covered in this article are the most sought out ones, not just in Bangalore but across India. Nevertheless, of the vast range of brands and options available in the marketplace, these second hand scooty in Bangalore stand out being the most affordable, riveting ones with good mileage and astounding specifications.

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