Signs of a Damaged Cross Member

Do you think one of your truck’s cross members may be broken or bent? Are you unsure how to start diagnosing this problem? If so, you came to the right place.

Here you can learn more about how to tell you your truck frame cross member needs repairs or to be replaced.

Signs of a Damaged Cross Member

When you are dealing with a damaged cross member, you may discover a few symptoms. Some of the most common include needing more force to close your doors, uneven wear to your tires, misaligned wheels, squeaking and creaking noises from the chassis, and smaller or larger gaps in the door openings.

Dangers of Not Replacing Damaged Cross Members

If you are currently driving with a broken or damaged cross member, it could result in even more issues. It may cause frame damage, suspension damage, and issues with wheel alignment in the long run. Also, depending on which cross member is damaged, other issues may arise.

In some cases, wheel alignment may be thrown off, creating a noticeable camber in the vehicle. Usually, your truck will no longer drive straight. Also, if the cross member does not provide support, the shock towers, suspension struts, and coils may become bent. The transaxle may also twist, which may cause damage to the output bearings if you do not fix this immediately.

Put simply, if you are dealing with a bent cross member and don’t fix it immediately, it may cause thousands of dollars in damage to different parts of your truck.

Inspecting the Cross Members

One of the best ways to prevent problems is by inspecting your cross members right away if you believe something is wrong. You can do this visually.

Slide beneath the vehicle and use a flashlight to clearly see each of the cross members. After that, inspect them for bends, cracks, and dents. If there is anything abnormal, then it is time to replace the cross member in question.

In some situations, the cross member may only be slightly bent. If there is no visible damage, but you believe one is bent, use a straightedge to see if this is the case.

You can also take your truck to a mechanic who can provide an official inspection and let you know if repairs or replacements are needed. Keep this in mind to ensure your truck continues to operate safely and efficiently.

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