How to find your lost bike?

It might be your dream bike or something you bought by spending thousands of dollars, so it is essential to keep it safe with you as much as you need. Obviously, you would feel very bad once you have lost your bike. You might feel blank completely, just stay calm, here are some tips for you to find your lost bike.

Check whether your bike is stolen or what?

Actually, it is essential to ensure that your bike is stolen or not, because you might even forget the place where you have parked your bike. To find out the exact scenario you can check the place where you have parked your bike. Ask the bike park staff whether they have towed your bike. Ask the campus security if you parked your bike on the campus.

Use GPS to track down your bike

The best bike in 100 cc to 125 cc can be easily installed with GPS devices. So when your bike is stolen you can easily track it down using this system of GPS. But you have to use the device immediately once you find your bike is missing because mostly the stolen bikes are being broken up for parts often. If you delay and use your device after a certain time then the device would lead you only to the parts in which the device has been installed.

Fill an insurance claim

An alternative way to find your missing bike is by filing an insurance claim if you have purchased insurance for your vehicle before it gets lost. Best 125 cc scooter manufacturers recommend taking up an insurance plan at the time of bike purchase itself to avoid later issues. Right after reporting to the police, it is a perfect option to contact the insurance company. They require you to handle the purchase receipt and the police report as a piece of evidence to proceed further.

Use security camera 

When you have lost your bike or it is stolen then to trace down the bike, you can check the footage of the security camera. The home security camera systems stand as a guard for 24/7 so no one can escape without being caught on the camera. If your bike got stolen in your place then check the footage of the security camera of your home. Especially check around your garage, sheds and garden of your community. By this, you are able to identify the general route of the thief and the identity of the thief. Chances are high that you would find the missing bike soon with the clear videos or images of the thief. Security cameras play a crucial role in finding stolen bikes. If the theft took place in any busy area then you can get help from any other nearby business centre which has a security camera. Notify the owner immediately to retain the footage.

End line 

Like the proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ it is always better to protect your bike from theft and even install some precautionary measures on your bike to find it easily even if it gets lost. You can find your lost bike using the above mentioned alternative ways.

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