Answering Common Questions On Hawse Fairleads

When you are looking to buy a fairlead, it is common to get puzzled by so many available options. The most confusing part is to pick the right winch and decide which cable will slide over it easily. To let the cable glide over easily, one needs to ensure the hawse is thicker and the chamfer is bigger. So this blog answers all the questions about fairleads, putting an end to all your confusion and queries.

Does hawse fairlead come for synthetic cables?

The conventional roller fairleads are made up of steel and are not compatible with synthetic ropes. They can cause chaffing and abrasion to the rope when used continuously. The rope manufacturers advise using aluminum hawse fairlead that can be used comfortably over a longer period.

Why does one need hawse fairlead?

Hawse fairleads are known to provide a better approaching angle since they stick out a bit less from the bumper. The fairleads have a type III anodized coating on the aluminum, which lasts much longer compared to other coatings like the powder coat, galvanized, and polished surfaces. These usually get oxidized over time.

What does a hawse fairlead do?

A winch fairlead that is used for a synthetic rope is known as a hawse fairlead. It will guide your synthetic winch rope to the front of the winch. They are heavy-duty, light in weight, and CNC cut with precision to the exact radii, which is needed for the synthetic ropes.

Why can’t synthetic ropes be used with roller fairleads?

Synthetic ropes cannot be used with fairleads built of hard metals. When the roller fairleads develop burrs and edges, it can harm the synthetic ropes by corroding them. In most cases, the steel frames that support roller axles get weaker over time and they tend to stick out of the frame. With just a small blow to the rope, it can snap immediately.

How does a fairlead work?

A fairlead is a small device that acts as guidance to a line, rope, or cable twirled around any certain object. It prevents the line from moving laterally or out of its designated path. A fairlead typically is a hook or a ring. This is a separate piece of hardware and there could be the presence of a hole in it.

To ensure the safety of the synthetic ropes, pick only the best hawse fairlead.

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